Nepal Telecom Central Office

23rd July 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal telecom plans to change the company structure according to the federal structure of the country.

Nepal Telecom has started to change the structure of the company following the federal structure of the country.

To make the day to day functioning of the company efficient by complying with the federal structure of the country, Nepal Telecom has decided to establish Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate, Biratnagar Pradesh no. 1, Provincial Directorate, Birgunj Pradesh no. 2, Provincial Directorate, Kathmandu Bagmati Pradesh, Provincial Directorate, Pokhara Gandaki Pradesh, Provincial Directorate Bhairahawa, Pradesh number 5, Provincial Directorate, Surkhet, Karnali Pradesh and Provincial Directorate, Altaria, Far Western Province.

Similarly, the company has changed the Pokhara-based office formerly called Western Regional Directorate into Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate Pokhara, Gandaki Pradesh.

In the inaugural event held on 04 Shrawan 2077, Suryanarayan Malakar, director of formerly known Nepal Telecom Western Regional Directorate and current Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate Bhairahawa, Pradesh number 5,  inaugurated the Provincial Directorate Pokhara Gandaki Pradesh as the new provincial directorate. He also handed over development, construction, planning, and administrative documents related to Gandaki Pradesh to the director of Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate, Pokhara,  Surendra Man Singh.

Similarly, the Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilliram Adhikari, had sent a congratulatory message which was read out at the event. Through the message, he directed everyone to comply with the FTTH distribution goal set by the company and work towards fulfilling it. He also expressed his confidence that with the implementation of a performance-based incentive system, the joint efforts of the employees and the directors of the concerned province will take Nepal Telecom to greater heights by expanding the telecommunication services at the province level.

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