Pathshala CUG Sim for Students
Pathshala CUG Sim for Students

26th September 2020, Kathmandu

As per the ‘School Education Contingency Action Plan 2077’ prepared by the Nepal Government, Nepal Telecom wishes to facilitate learning for the school going children by helping to create a conducive environment. For this, the company is going to provide services at very affordable rates.

Under this, Nepal Telecom, in coordination with the Education and Human Resource Development Center (CEHRD), is going to provide the company’s prepaid mobile ‘Pathshala CUG Sim‘ free of cost. The purpose of this service is purely establishing a learning link between government and community school teachers and students.

Teachers, students, and parents of each school are affiliated to the company’s Closed User Group (CUG) and get monthly 5 GB data service to use the website of CEHRD (, voice service, and bulk SMS service at just Rs. 99. All the courses and textbooks for grades 1 to 10 will be available on the website.

The prepaid SIM card will not only enable unlimited communication between teachers, students, and parents but also run the web portal of the CEHRD for free and send bulk SMS for educational purposes.

For the purpose of forming a corporate user group, each household belonging to a student studying in a public school has to collect a SIM card. Similarly, there is a provision of collecting phone numbers of each teacher’s SIM card. Moreover, these numbers will be included in the CUG service. Provision has been made for the service provider to deal in partnership for said service.

If a student, teacher, and family member of a school do not have a SIM card of Nepal Telecom, the company will provide it free of cost as per demand. A photocopy of the citizenship and identity card of the teacher and student, a photocopy of the citizenship of the parent, and a copy of passport-sized photo should be available for the free SIM card received under this service. Students can also get a SIM card in their own name or in the name of their parents.

The ‘Pathshala CUG Sim’ provided to the students or parents can be collected in bulk from the office of the nearest Nepal Telecom Company by taking the recommendation from the local body in the duly filled form. Similarly, the company will also provide a toll-free number at concessional rates as far as possible from a technical point of view.

After the CEHRD compiles and sends the list of public schools that do not have internet service, including village municipalities, Nepal Telecom will study, pilot, and expand mobile and FTTH in those places as per its action plan.

Note: Monthly Rs. 99 does not include VAT/TSC/OT.

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