Nepal Telecom Demands

18 March 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom demand that only 4G support mobile phones should be allowed to be imported to Nepal. NTC has demanded that the Nepal Telecommunication Authority control the import of mobile phones into Nepal.

Nepal Telecom recently sent a letter to the Telecommunications Authority demanding that it import and authorize mobile phones that are currently available and in use in Nepal and that only operate on the frequency bands that they are using.

In recent days, the company has been expanding 4G services throughout the country. And has requested that only mobile phones that support 4G frequencies be imported in order to market 4G services.

According to NTA sources, the telecom recently sent a letter to NTA with the same intent.

For 4G operations, the company uses band 20, which comprises the 800 MHz band, 900 MHz band, 1800 MHz band, 2100 MHz band, and 2300 MHz band.

Despite the fact that the company is running the 4G service in the 800 MHz band. The company has not been able to generate the required revenue and benefit. Telecom, which is having difficulty running 4G phones in the frequency band it is using, has been unable to generate revenue from that band.

When the Authority approves the import of mobile phones, the Radio Frequency (Distribution and Pricing) Policy of Telecommunication Services, 2069, and the First Amendment 2073, as well as the approval of only phones that endorse the frequency bands offered by NTA. To operate the 4G service, service recipients and service providers can benefit said in a letter.

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According to an authorized official, the company was attempting to import and accept only handsets with the bands used to provide 4G service.

“It’s normal for the business to focus on its own benefits. But there are other frequencies in use. Not only 4G. But also 2G and 3G networks are available,” the official stated.

The company recognizes the challenge of not being able to sell the band 20 that it is currently using and has sought permission to import phones that use the same band.

The company has spent billions on network expansion and has spent billions on mobile phones in Nepal. Despite the fact that it does not support the 4G service in the low band.

Currently, the company provides 4G service as well as CDMA service in the band 20 or 800 MHz frequency range. However, the government of Nepal intends to phase out CDMA services over the next two years.

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