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Nepal Telecom Releases Financial Statement For Fourth Quarter

28th July 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom has introduced some new shortcodes in their updated website. The new shortcodes are for registering inquiries and complaints. They updated the general public about this in a press release on Shrawan 12, 2077 BS.

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes are the code numbers allocated by Nepal Telecom so that you can carry out specific operations easily. The most popular shortcode must be ‘ *400# ’. We are continually checking our mobile balance using that. This code is almost etched into our memories. So, shall we have a look at the updated list of shortcodes?

Mobile Service

Service Purpose Code Method
Packages Know Latest Offers *1415# Dial
Balance Check Balance *400# Dial
Mobile Number Check Your Mobile Number *9# Dial
SIM Owner Check Your SIM Owner *922# Dial
Call Forward Call Forward Activate **21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number# Dial
Call Forward Call Forward Cancel ##002# Dial
Call Wait Call Waiting Activate *43# Dial
Call Wait Call Waiting Cancel #43# Dial
Balance Transfer Balance Transfer *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*Rs.# Dial
Security Code Security Code CODE and Send to 1415 SMS
ISD ISD Deactivate *331*0000# Dial
CRBT CRBT Activate SUB to 1455 SMS
CRBT CRBT Deactivate Unsub to 1455 SMS
Namaste Credit NAMASTE CREDIT activate START to 1477 SMS
Namaste Credit NAMASTE CREDIT deactivate STOP to 1477 SMS
MCA MCA Activate *1400*1# Dial
MCA MCA Deactivate *1400*2# Dial
FNF FNF Activate FNFSUB9841xxxxxx to 1415 SMS
FNF FNF ADD FNFADD01488xxxx to 1415 SMS

Landline, ADSL, FTTH

Service Purpose Code Method
Landline Bill Inquiry CB*01488xxxx  to 1415 SMS
ADSL ADSL Offer Validity VL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415 SMS
ADSL ADSL Balance Inquiry BL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415 SMS

Inquiry and Complain

Service Purpose Code Method
Landline Telephone Repair 198 Dial
FTTH Repair 198 Dial
Landline Number Inquiry 197 Dial
Mobile Customer Support 1498 Dial

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