#workfromhome: Nepal Telecom’s Call Transfer Service Allows You to Pick Office Calls from Home

Telecom Call Transfer Service

 22nd July 2020, Kathmandu

Even though the Government is finally lifting the nationwide lockdown, let’s admit that the coronavirus impact has changed the business scenario! Our ways of working have changed. Today, we prefer working from home for our safety and safety of our fellow workers.

But while most of us staying home to work, how will you receive business calls that come to your business number at the office? Most probably, you will not be available at the office. At times like this, Nepal Telecom’s call transfer service can come conveniently!

One of the features of Nepal Telecom is that you can transfer your incoming phone calls to another mobile number, CDMA number, or wireless telephone!

There are specific options for call transfer as well. You can activate this service in the following ways:

  • You can directly transfer all incoming calls to another Nepal Telecom number.
  • All incoming calls can be transferred to another number in case the dialed number is busy.
  • You can also transfer calls if the phone rings four times, but there is no answer.

This call transfer service is free, and we encourage you to take advantage of such a facility!

You should visit your nearest Nepal Telecom branch to access this helpful feature or simply visit NTC Website and get more information!

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