NTC’s e-Shikshya Package for Distance Education

Kathmandu, May 4th, 2020

Nepal Telecom has launched its new e-Shikshya Package for Students, Schools, and Colleges to help them stay connected with their studies. The recent pandemic of Covid 19 has resulted in a nationwide lockdown that is affecting the learning process of students. Nepal Telecom, therefore, hopes to promote a digital learning platform with this e-Shikshya Package while respecting social distancing.

What’s an e-Shikshya Package?

E-Shikshya is a special package under which users can buy 6 GB data for Rs 260 and 15 GB data for Rs 500. These packages will be valid for 28 days.

The data obtained under 6 GB package has two-time slots. This means you can use the 3GB data out of your 6 GB data for 5 hours from morning 5 am to 10 am. You can use the remaining 3 GB data anytime.

Similarly, under the 15 GB data package, 6 GB data can be used for 5 hours from 5 am to 10 am and the remaining 9 GB data can be used all time, any time.

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For better understanding, here’s a simple table demonstrating the E-Shikshya Package:



Nepal Telecom e-Shikshya Package All-time


5 hours (5 am to 10 am) Price Validity




6 GB 3 GB


3 GB


Rs 260


28 days


15 GB 9 GB  6 GB


Rs 500


28 days

The prices for the packages are inclusive of taxes*

How do you activate and subscribe to the package?

  1. Prepare official letter from your School, College or University with the list of students or academic staffs (Name & Mobile Number)
  2. Send that letter from the authorized staff to [email protected]. It is recommended that you use your institution official email for correspondence
  3. Once you are eligible, you can subscribe to the package from your mobile balance like any other NT packages
  4. Dial *1441# and select your package. You can subscribe more than once in a month.

For detailed information, you can download the Nepal Telecom App from Android or iOS store, register into it, and log in to view your package detail.

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A step towards digital Nepal

With recent developments in the Covid 19 cases all over the world, there is still a greater chance for the lockdown to extend. Many services in Nepal have adopted into a digital platform lately and Nepal Telecom with e-Shikshya Package is also promoting a digital Nepal.

We hope that this initiative towards e-learning is useful for both Schools and Students and we hope schools, teachers, and students participate with coordination and discipline.


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