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29th May 2022, Kathmandu

Forbes Magazine published the “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2022.” It’s wonderful to have Nepalese youngsters on the list again.

Young Nepalese entrepreneurs and startup founders have been specifically picked for this list. This year, five Nepalese youths were chosen for the Forbes list of influential people under 30 in Asian countries, released every year.

According to Forbes, the final list was chosen from over 4,000 applications from Asian countries. Every year, Forbes publishes a list of 30 to 30 Asians under 30 working well in various sectors. This year’s Forbes Thirty Under Thirty Asia list includes the following Nepalese young people:

Aishwarya Rani Singh, Managing Director, Putli Nepal
Genre: Social Impact

Aishwarya Rani Singh is the founder and board president of Putali Nepal, a non-profit committed to menstrual hygiene education and training, empowering and supporting young people to become community trainers. It generates money by selling menstrupedia comic books and menstrual cups. So far, it has directly or indirectly instructed almost 14,000 people on menstrual hygiene.

Sujit Pathak Co-Founder Ingrails
Consumer Technology

Pathak co-founded InGrails, the company behind the Veda app, which is a popular academic application. Originally intended as a communication tool to link educational institutions with students and parents, the software solution now claims to be the digital backbone for over 800 Nepalese schools, with 1.6 million regular users.

The Veda app assists schools in managing and communicating operational and financial information. After Google Class Room, it became the most downloaded app in Nepal in 2020.

Sumit Dahal Postdoctoral Fellow
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Health Care and Science

Sumit Pathak is a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight and an experimental astrophysicist. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has constructed a telescope to explore the universe’s origins and development. Dahal, 27, has been collecting microwaves from the early beginnings of the universe with three telescopes in Chile. The resulting data is utilized to test various ideas.

Niraj Kaflo and Santosh Pandey Co-Founders Offering
Genre: Retail & Finance

Santosh Pandey and Niraj Kafle founded Offering Happiness in 2017 to unite Nepalese, particularly those working overseas, through gift delivery.

The company operates one of Nepal’s major gift platforms. It has also received several honors in Nepal, including the best startup at Seedstars Kathmandu 2019.


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