Cyber Security international Nepal team members held a short awareness session at the Department of IT, Government of Nepal, Thapagaun. The IT department operates under the Science and Technology Ministry. Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari and Mr. Bikram Khadka were present representing the CSI Nepal team. In the session IT engineers, bureaucrats were current as the audience. Apart from running this session in educational institutions, the team for the first time conducted it in a government office.

Mr. Chiranjib Adhikari gave the presentation about cybersecurity and its importance. Speak on a wide variety of topics such as web security, cyber threats, social media security in Nepal and others he mainly focused on the need to treat these threats as a serious one and start looking for remedies to tackle it. Sharing possible scenarios and even real-life stories of victims of cyber threats he urged the stakeholders present during the meet to take any reasonable steps from their side to help neutralize or minimize this growing threat.

The bureaucrats and IT engineers present during the meet thanked the Cyber Security Experts Chiranjibi Adhikari and Bikram Khadka for conducting such a session at their office. As a stakeholder institution in IT, this department has also been doing various campaigns of its own about multiple aspects of information and technology. They vowed to include a portion for cybersecurity in their sessions.