Nepali Political Leaders Competing for the most number of tweets. Legislative elections for House of Representatives as you know is going to be held in 32 districts tomorrow, on 10th of Mangsir. Whereas for the rest of the districts, the election is set on 21st of Mangsir, as announced by the Election Commission of Nepal.

All 275 members for the 4thHouse of Representatives will be elected via this election and the candidate who wins by the maximum support of members will become the next Prime Minister of Nepal.A total of 88 parties are competing for the House of Representatives.

Since per the rule of Election Commission, pamphlets and other tools cannot be used by political parties for their advertisement, so most of the Political leaders have abandoned traditional pamphlet and instead are now opting for another alternative Social media.

As elections are already on the doorstep, Nepalese Political leaders are already competing each other, posting every hour in several social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The former two being used most than the latter.

Distributing pamphlet and writing on walls have almost become defunct.

While some political leaders are quite used to using social media whereas some are just beginners. Daman Nath Dhunganga, a candidate of Congress for House of Representative from Bhaktapur2 and former speaker of the House opened a Twitter account on 5th of November 2017.

His first tweet was, ‘Namaste! I am Daman Nath Dhunganga, a candidate of Congress for House of Representative from Bhaktapur 2 in touch with you via Twitter.’ He has 724 followers and 122 tweets in total as of today.

Rabindra Mishra coordinator of Bibeksheel Sajha Party, former head of BBC Nepal on the other hand had started using Twitter 6 years ago. Now he has 701k followers and 9454 tweets. He tweeted, ‘Your one vote is enough to change the country.’

Why would Ram Chandra Poudel be left behind? On November 21stthe immediate Past Acting President & Senior Leader of Nepali Congress party also tweeted as, ‘Nepal will be a self-sustaining country with the help of Agriculture, Tourism and water resources.’

His latest tweet was link to video of himself describing about future development plans for Nepal.

While other leaders are posting on Facebook and Twitter, UML party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal seemed one step ahead in this competition of social media advertisements. He added a video on November 3rd running a minute length on YouTube. The video has 350 views only.

These days there are rarely any leaders who are untouched by the power of Social media. It would not be totally incorrect to say that the U.S president, Donald Trump is addicted to social media, Twitter in particular. Hence Social media is powerful.

These social media has helped to share information but due to absence of a system to validate the authenticity of any information posted on social media, you must be able to judge such information yourself. Finallydo vote relying on your conscience.


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