Clients Utmost Priority For Nepali Banks Even In Corona

23rd November 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal has a banking history of more than 80 years.

The world’s first bank was established in 1472 in Italy. Bansa Monte Dipsee Di Sina is the world’s first bank.

The first bank to establish in Nepal is Nepal Bank in 1914. After that first bank in the private field, Nepal Arab Bank was established.

Lumbini Bank is the first bank to be established in private investment. Following that different banks have been competing against each other by providing different services here in Nepal.

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The world’s first established bank is Bansa Monte Dipsee Di Sina.

The world’s oldest central bank is Sverigaje Risk Bank located in Sweden.

The first bank to get permission for printing money is the Bank of England.

Nepal’s first Bank Nepal Bank Limited.

Nepal’s first developing bank Nepal Audhoghik Development corporation.

Nepal’s first rural development bank Purbanchal Gramin Development Bank.

Nepal’s Central bank- Nepal Rastra Bank

Nepal’s biggest Commercial bank- Krishi Bikas Bank

Nepal Arab Bank ( Nabil ) is the first commercial bank that was established in the combined investment of national and international people.

Nepal’s first regional commercial bank- Lumbini Bank Limited.

Lumbini Bank Limited is the first bank that was established by private investors.

The first bank to bring an ATM machine and Debit Card into use in Everest Bank.

Kumari Bank is the first bank to bring Internet Banking services.

Credit Card was brought into the trend for the first time by Himalayan Bank.

Nepal’s first Multi-currency Card user is Century Commercial Bank

Nepal’s first Robert user bank SBI Bank.

The most established commercial bank in Nepal is Century Bank.


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