New Bus Park of Kathmandu To Become Technology Friendly

Photo Credit: The Himalayan Times

26th July 2020, Kathmandu

The new bus park will become technology friendly!  Rather than continuing the traditional system, the bus park will now introduce a GPS System and token system.

The new bus park is preparing to operate the bus service from Bhadra 1. It has been shut for almost four months due to the covid19 pandemic.

The operation of short-distance vehicles has already started from Shrawan 8. Whereas, the long-distance vehicles will operate from Bhadra 1. The government has taken decisions considering the current situation.

Lhotse Multipurpose Authority operates the new bus park. Deepak Kunwar, the chairman of the Lhotse Multipurpose Authority, said that the new bus park has promoted the use of technology to prevent the transmission of CoronaVirus.

“We are trying to maintain social distance and make arrangements to buy tickets from the ‘token system’ to prevent the transmission of corona virus.,” he said.

The management has already made arrangements for compulsory uniform and identity cards for the employees staying at the ticket counter in the bus park.

For the convenience of the passengers, the company is also going to make arrangements to get online tickets.

Every bus will have a GPS system. Firstly, to know the location of the bus. Secondly, to keep track of the number of road accidents. Thirdly, to track the drivers so that they will be less negligent.

Vehicles from the new bus park reach more than 50 districts in the country. Around 2,000 vehicles have been plying from the bus park daily.

The new bus park has given special priority to the sanitation of public vehicles. The management will take special care of the sanitation of the buses and staff. Passengers must use sanitizer and mask after entering the bus.

Lhotse Multipurpose Company has set up a health treatment and counseling center. This will take care of the health of the driver, co-driver, and passengers.

 The center has been providing free consultation and first aid. This initiative has been conducted in collaboration with Grandi International Hospital.


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