This device controls home automation and entertainment automation devices using an easy-to-use Harmony remote or Harmony App. It can control home automation devices separately or in groups with dedicated home control buttons. This device can customize the dedicated cable/satellite, media playback and DVR controls to the user preferences. The user can quickly start any one of up to six multi-device activities with single or double button presses. The devices and brands are subject to change without notice. It combines lighting, entertainment, blinds, locks and more to create unique experiences. It can control connected home devices such as August smart locks,Philips and LIFX lights,thermostat, Nest and Honeywell and more. It is compatible with SmartThings, INSTEON and IFTTT smart home platforms. It is compatible with advanced home entertainment devices like Roku, Apple TV and Sonos. It can be used with popular IR or Bluetooth game consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation3, PlayStation4 or Wii. It can replace up to eight home entertainment remotes. August smart lock requires August Connect Wi-Fi adapter sold separately.
The Harmony App turns the iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote. It can launch multi-device activities with just one touch, can adjust volume, control movies and shows and change channels  with on-screen gestures, can jump directly to the favorite shows with up to 50 customizable channel favorites. It can check the status of connected devices like lights or locks even when away from home.
The Harmony Hub makes the connection. The Harmony Hub sends commands from the remote or the app to devices using Wi-Fi, IR or Bluetooth wireless signals.It works with over 270,000 compatible home entertainment devices from more than 6,000 brands. It control devices behind closed cabinets and inside doors. It control devices directly according to custom schedules in response to sensors. The sensors sold separately.