Nagarik app for iPhone users

12th May 2021, Kathmandu

For iPhone users, a new update to the Nagarik app is now available. The government has embraced the Nagarik app as a “game changer” in digital Nepal to provide as many public services as possible through the app.

Nagarik App 1.9.6 for iOS was recently launched. Users will get more functionality and the full version of the Nagarik app with the latest update.

Currently, the app offers a permanent account number, a police character certificate, a property, a health insurance board, educational information. Similarly, a citizen investment fund, a savings fund, a social security fund, the government, citizenship, a passport, a voter identification card, and other services.

In addition, the Nagarik app can now be used to open a bank account. Furthermore, the government is planning to launch a dedicated website for the app.

The website’s website address will be Currently, only the concept of the nagarik app is included in the website, which is still in the works.


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