Do you Nepal telecom as your service provider for communicating with people? Are you a user of the ADSL internet provided by Nepal Telecom? If yes then this news is going to be really useful to you. Even if some of you have already known, there still maybe ones who are unknown about it.
Nepal Telecom brings new rules and ways for recharging your NTC(Nepal Telecom)  mobiles. Now you can dial 1413 to recharge your phone. This service has recently been brought. Telecom has been providing this service since one week. The previous service included dialing 1415 which has now been removed. The service is available for GSM postpaid users, prepaid users, Adsl internet users, PSTN landline users as said by Telecom. Isnt it really cool? Being able to recharge from one place. However the users of postpaid service might have to wait for sometime to get this service into action. Telecom also has come up with new type of recharge cards. They are like before but the look is different. And previously users had to dial *411*pin code no# to recharge their phones but now they have to dial *412*pin code no#.
Telecom has brought some changes to the payment for the mobile phones. With the recharge card, users can recharge prepaid and postpaid cdma phones. However postpaid cant be recharged with the recharge card. People were really concerned about why their recharge cards were not working and complaining the shopkeepers thinking it as a fraud. However even some shopkeepers weren’t aware about the change in the way of recharge. Telecom changed the way of recharging after weeks from the earthquake.