You may have heard about Google cars and accidents reports about the cars in the news. It made many people have less hope from the vehicle however. When it comes to disasters, we people react like its dangerous. As a driver, we may also have been involved in accidents, but when it comes to machines, we need perfection.
However, to your knowledge, those accidents that involved Google cars were not because of the robots that drove the cars. In fact, according to Google more accidents were caused by Google employees taking control of the car than by the autonomous cars themselves.
We as tech enthusiast looking for the pros and cons of any innovation. So, the idea of Google car fascinated more people like us. But there were security concerns. We are not still able to trust machines entirely with our lives.
Would you choose a pilot or a robot to fly a plane? Of course, a pilot because we are uncertain about the capability of the robot, but we are sure that the pilot will try his/her best to land the plane safely. Google had been testing its cars from 2009, and now it released a comprehensive report on all the accidents its self-driving cars have been involved. And it also reported that the reason for crashes were not the cars itself.
One driver rear-ended an autonomous car when it was stopped at a traffic light. Another struck the side of a Google car while veering into its lane on a highway.
A Google employee also took a car for a spin-off in the manual mode and met with an accident. The accident didn’t report a human injury, but the car did suffer some. The common accidents that were attended by Google cars were due to rear-ending.
With people being concerned about the accidents,  27% of those polled said they would support laws restricting human driving if self-driving cars might be safer in a recent study. Google has now found its path with these statistics in mind. And people have already started to warm up the idea of self-driving cars soon enough.