Newal Chaudhary

9th October 2023, Kathmandu

“Supreme Court Advocate and Nepal Law Campus Assistant Professor Dr. Newal Chaudhary Releases Groundbreaking Book: ‘The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes'”

In a monumental stride in the convergence of law and technology, Dr. Newal Chaudhary, a distinguished Supreme Court Advocate and Assistant Professor at Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University, has introduced his latest masterpiece, “The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes.” This comprehensive work is poised to become an invaluable resource for legal professionals, students, and individuals keen on unraveling the intricate domain of cyber law and the ever-evolving realm of cybercrimes.

The ubiquity of cybersecurity and digital technology in our daily lives has ushered in unprecedented challenges in the form of cybercrimes. Chaudhary’s book offers an exhaustive exploration of this critical field, shedding light on the legal frameworks and complexities encompassing it. Dr. Newal Chaudhary, known for his expertise in multifaceted subjects including cyber law, criminal law, environmental law, political science, taxation law, contract law, and constitutional law, has not only practiced as a Supreme Court Advocate but has also served as an Assistant Professor at Nepal Law Campus. His extensive experience and knowledge establish him as a leading authority in this specialized area of law.

Newal Chaudhary Releases The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes

“The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes” has been meticulously crafted to provide readers with a comprehensive grasp of cyber laws, regulations, and their governing mechanisms. It encompasses a wide array of topics, ranging from online privacy and data protection to electronic evidence and the prosecution of cybercriminals.

The book caters to both legal professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and students embarking on a career in law. Dr. Chaudhary’s work delves into the legal ramifications of cybercrimes, offering practical insights and real-world examples to elucidate intricate concepts. It is anticipated to serve as an indispensable resource for legal practitioners, policymakers, and educators in Nepal and beyond.

Dr. Chaudhary expressed his enthusiasm upon the book’s release, stating, “The digital age has ushered in numerous challenges and opportunities, and it is imperative that legal professionals and aspiring lawyers possess a firm grasp of cyber law.

Through ‘The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes,’ I aspire to offer a comprehensive guide that demystifies the complexities of this field, empowering individuals to navigate the digital realm with confidence.” The book introduces novel concepts such as the Right to be Forgotten, tips and guidance for safeguarding digital identity, the concept of the Right to Anonymity, Freedom of Speech, and privacy protection.

Already garnering attention within the legal community, “The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes” distinguishes itself with its timely and exhaustive approach to a rapidly evolving field. As the digital landscape continues to reshape our lives, this book is primed to become an essential reference for legal professionals and students aspiring to excel in the domain of cyber law.

“The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes” is a reference-rich tome designed to provide authoritative reading material for legal professionals, tech enthusiasts, B.A.LL.B. /LL.B. /LL.M. students, and anyone interested in safeguarding their digital presence. It offers an encompassing understanding of cyber law and cybercrime, including emerging subjects like social media-related laws and the use of AI in cybercrime.

The book embarks on an exploration of the evolution and scope of cyber law, delves into the intricacies of cybercrime, and discusses intellectual property rights, e-commerce, and internet governance.

Its structure facilitates easy navigation, incorporating case studies and practical tips for enhancing online privacy and cybersecurity. The book adopts a holistic approach, encompassing both hacking tools and ethical hacking, providing readers with a well-rounded comprehension of cybersecurity.

About the Author:

Dr. Newal Chaudhary is a Supreme Court Advocate and Assistant Professor at Nepal Law Campus. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of cyber law, he commands respect as an authority within Nepal’s legal community. Dr. Chaudhary has also litigated in special courts and high courts of Nepal, handling a diverse array of cases, including cybercrimes, tax matters, money laundering, criminal cases, and civil disputes.

He has held the position of Executive Director of the Greater Janakpur Area Development Council and currently serves as the Chief of Student Welfare at Nepal Law Campus. Dr. Newal Chaudhary’s extensive publication record includes numerous international and national peer-reviewed articles focused on cyber law and cybercrimes.


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