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18th August 2023, Kathmandu

Mastering Online Safety: Expert Tips to Safeguard Your Internet Presence Secure Your Digital World with NMB Bank Limited Presents.

In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding your online presence has never been more crucial. Protecting your personal information and ensuring online security is paramount as we navigate the digital landscape.

Discover how to shield yourself from cyber threats and maintain your online privacy with these invaluable expert tips.

NMB Bank Limited Presents: How to Stay Safe Online?

Guard Your Secrets:

Never share OTPs or passwords with anyone, ensuring that your sensitive information stays confidential.

Trustworthy Transactions:

OTP for secure and verified websites while making online payments, reducing the risk of fraud.

Password Pro Tips:

Regularly update your passwords to create an additional layer of protection for your online accounts.

Craft longer passwords using phrases rather than single words.
Avoid common sequences (e.g., 1234) or simple words (e.g., abcd).
Change your password every three months, avoiding the repetition of old ones.

Network Prudence:

Only perform transactions on secured networks, minimizing the chances of unauthorized access.

Double Protection:

Enable two-factor authentication to enhance security and prevent unauthorized logins.

Wi-Fi Wisdom:

Steer clear of public Wi-Fi networks, which may expose your sensitive data to potential threats.

Stay Informed:

Sign up for banking alerts to monitor and swiftly respond to any suspicious activities.

Phishing Alert:

Beware of phishing scams that attempt to trick you into revealing personal information.

Vet Your Apps:

Choose financial apps from reputable sources to ensure their reliability and security.

About NMB Bank, Leading the Way in Financial Excellence

NMB Bank Limited, a distinguished “A” class financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, has been a cornerstone of the Nepalese Financial market for over two decades. The bank’s dedication to excellence has been recognized with accolades including ‘Bank of the Year 2017’, ‘Bank of the Year 2018’, ‘Bank of the Year 2020’, and ‘Bank of the Year 2021’.

Partnering with the Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden (FMO), NMB Bank has established its prominence in managing environmental and social risks. The bank’s commitment to innovation and security shines as it emerges as a key player in renewable energy and agribusiness.

In the ever-evolving realm of online security, NMB Bank Limited’s guidance paves the way for a safer digital experience. Protect your data, embrace cyber-savviness, and harness the benefits of online banking with NMB Bank.


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