NIBL Says It Never Asks Its Customer To Share Any Credentials

April 09, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) requests its users not to provide banking passwords and any sort of data to anyone. NIBL has urged no one to provide any of the information related to banking service to anyone.

The bank requested the customers to be aware that cybercriminals are using this unprecedented situation to commit crimes and the cyber-security is under attack during the lockdown. It has made it clear that no one at the bank has asked for the confidential details including ATM PINs, mobile banking passwords, PINs, by calling the customer. It also stated that no one from the bank is permitted to do so.

The bank has urged the bank customers to be very cautious as such calls may have been made by frauds claiming to be the bank representative to get the credentials that can be used to withdraw the money from the bank without customers’ consent. Providing the details may cause severe damage to the bank account.

The bank has also requested its customers to inform the bank immediately if they see any suspicious activities in their bank account.

The bank issued statement reads;

Dear Valued Customers,

An initiative has been taken by Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. to make customers aware bout fraud related cyber activities. Since Nepal is under lockdown for the past two weeks, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of this unprecedented situation. Customers may receive anonymous calls by fraudsters claiming to be a representative from Bank and them to share information like Online Banking Password, One Time Password (OTP) bile PIN, ATM PIN which may be used to withdraw or transfer amount from customer’s account without the customer’s consent.

Please remember the Bank will never ask customers to share any critical information (like Passwords, OTPs, ATM Card PIN, Mobile PIN) and Bank also requests NOT TO SHARE any critical information either verbally (phone/ Viber/ WhatsApp calls) or through an electronic medium such as SMS, Viber, WhatsApp.

If you receive these kind of calls then we request you not to share any information and ignore the call. And, If you find any abnormal transaction in your account, please contact branch immediately or write to us at [email protected]

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Alert !!!

Check the official statement from the bank below:

NIBL Urged No One To Provide Any Of The Information Related To Banking Service


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