DEMAT Service Free

7th September 2022, Kathmandu

NIC Asia Capital is going to arrange a free service of opening a Demat account at home or office.

The service has been arranged so that the customers can operate the Demat account and my share account by providing the Demat account in a short time at their home or office. Under the express Demat service launched by Capital, customers can easily and hassle-free get Demat and my share account.

According to the current system, to open a Demat account, the individual has to attend the respective depository member company.

According to the company, the service has been operated with the main objective of opening a Demat account easily for people who cannot open a Demat account by themselves during the current busy time.

According to the company, under the express Demat service, the employees of the capital will attend and open the Demat account and facilitate necessary for the dematerialization of the shares.


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