Corporate Pay System

15th December 2020, Kathmandu

NIC Asia Bank Limited has launched a ‘corporate-pay’ system for its clients/investors to make electronic payments through bank accounts. In this regard, the bank has entered into an agreement with Nepal Clearing House Limited. The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Roshan Kumar Neupane and Chief Executive Officer of NCHL Neelesh Man Singh Pradhan.

Through this digital machine provided by the bank to all its clients. Investor/client dignitaries can effortlessly make money transfers, salary payments, vendor payments, government revenue payments, and various other commercial enterprise payments from their bank accounts without having to be present at the bank. Connect IPS or NCHL IPS payment transactions can be carried out through this system.

To activate this ‘corporate-pay’ system, clients can follow by completing the required procedure from the bank. Once the system is launched, customers can make any payments within the specified transaction limits without the direct involvement of the bank.

The bank has provided a Multi-layer authentication system for secure use of the system and a secure way to enter and approve any transaction is solely available to authorized users/clients.

In addition, there is a facility for clients that they can dignitaries to do business by linking more than one bank account in this system as per their requirement. The use of this system will be extra handy for enterprise clients as various payments can be made online without reaching the bank branch.


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