NIC Asia Bank to procure Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) from Nepal Certifying Company.

Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) and NIC Asia Bank officially agreed on an agreement regarding the use of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC). The deal was announced during a function organized in the NIC Asia premises.

NCC an information security company provides DSC to various banking, corporate, government institutions. NCC is the managing partner of Radiant InfoTech Nepal Pvt. Ltd, the only Issuing certifying authority in Nepal.

NIC Asia is among the few banking institutions in Nepal that have moved ahead with the concept of paperless transactions. The acquisition of DSC will help add to their aim to become paperless in daily banking activities.

Mr. Biplav Man Singh, the Chairman, said, “This agreement comes in line with our initiative to encourage paperless transactions in Nepal and move towards a trend of more efficient and secure banking activities. NIC Asia is acquiring our services of DSC, will be a major step in achieving this goal.”