With the need for an organization to act as a bridge between the faculty, students and IT industries in Nepal, CSITAN was established in 2011 by the students of BSc CSIT. CSITAN is an autonomous, non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political, service-oriented social organization which is currently expanded to around 10,000 students from 52+ colleges all over the nation.

It is bridging the gap between university and industries one of the challenging factors that need to be dealt with care and efficiency. CSITAN has been actively involved in various activities from the past three years to bridge these gaps. CSITAN aspire to be an organization that will be an integral part of every CSIT College and student, leading and motivating them to excellence. And for this, they have been organizing various programs in the past which can be remembered as some of the notable achievements by CSITAN.  “Calibrating Technical Potentials” is the motto carried by the CSIT Association of Nepal.

First / Second / Third / Fourth University-Industry Tie Up

Java /PHP /Android / ASP.NET / Ruby on Rails / AI / WordPress Workshop

Information Security Defense Workshop

Monthly Techno share

Question Bank Publication

The concept regarding the University-Industry Tie Up has been successful till this date as first four tie-ups have already been organized and they have proven to be the milestones to make the IT World familiar with the course of B.Sc. CSIT and beneficial to many students to get an internship in the areas of their interest in the industries. This is what is most important to today’s world. That is decrements of the gap between the university and the professionals who will be working in the IT industries who are the product of the respective university.

Such events have become excessively constructive, leaving everyone with even more high expectations and positive feedback as well. The incorporation of the colleges and industries have always been supportive, motivating and thus can be felt with the time. With other successful ties up, it is hoped that the coming event will also be successful which is the 5th university Industry Tie Up. The game is divided into 2 days, and they have their purpose divided.

The details about the upcoming event are given below:

Title: CSIT 5th University-Industry Tie-Up Program

Date and Venue: Wednesday, 18th May 2016 at Smriti Bhawan. Tribhuvan University.

 Thursday, 19th May 2016 at Rashtriya Naachghar, Jamal

 Time: 12pm-4pm


  • Delegates from government, university, and industry related to CS and IT and education and science.
  • Representatives from different IT Companies.
  • Representatives from CSIT colleges.


The event is mainly focused on the CSIT students. Hence, the mobilized volunteers will be the students studying Computer Science and IT in the various CSIT colleges of Nepal. Volunteers will mainly provide visitors and organizers with different services including information; visitors flow management, reception, translation and interpretation, assistance for disabled, assistance in media service, events and other necessary management.

Core Attraction:

  • 18th May: Session with University, Colleges, Teachers, and students on problems and solution of these stakeholders
  • 19th May: Project Demo and Competition of B.Sc. CSIT students and Story Sharing of ICR Companies • Presentation on fulfilling the gap between academic and industrial need.