NIC Asia Digital Platform

25th July 2021, Kathmandu

One positive aspect of the global corona transition is that it has increased digital business and digital literacy. The transformation of the banking business to digital is a vivid example of this.

As can be seen in the business of NIC Asia Bank. According to the bank, 70 percent of the total transactions are going digital now. The number of customers who switch to digital during lockdown is huge.

Bishal Sigdel, Chief Strategic Officer of NIC Asia Bank, said that the digital platform ‘iServe’ has further helped it.

NIC Asia is rolling out the iServe platform to provide digital services to more than 2.7 million customers. Of course, it’s been two years since iServe’s product was introduced. After the launch of Covid-19, there were many people seeking services from home. With more digital transactions, the bank is focusing more on iServe.

“So far no bank has come up with such a dedicated platform,” says Sigdel. “To meet this need, the platform has been launched.”

Sigdel said that in the first lockdown, more than 65,000 customers received services from this platform. There is also an arrangement to not only take-home service from iServe but also to provide additional facilities.

With up to 75,000 transactions being made daily from mobile banking, the bank’s website and other digital platforms also show significant customer participation. He said that in this situation, iServe has significant participation in digital business and services.

Services available on iServe

Customers can use the bank’s website or mobile banking app (NIC Asia Mobank) to avail services from iServe. There are more than 35 services available in iServe.

The bank has added a layer of security to make these services more secure digitally. OTP verification comes to the customer’s mobile when he takes any of the services in it. The service can be used only after entering that number. There are four main domains within iServe – mobile banking services, customer service, teller service, and card service. There are 35 different services in these four segments.

Mobile Banking Services

There are four different options under mobile banking. Mobile banking services can be registered through ‘New Registration’. Also, Renewal can be done from this.

Also, you can reset the PIN of mobile banking from here. For which PIN reset option is kept. If you do not want to take mobile banking services, you can turn them off. For this, there is an option called ‘Block Mobile Banking’.

If you think that you will take mobile banking service later, you can activate it again with ‘Unblock Mobile Banking’.

Customer services

There is a customer service option to take any service digitally from NIC Asia. There are 9 different services available here.

Here you can find out how much money is in the account. You can also request a check, a balance certificate, or a statement.

You can also get Merchant Enrollment, My Share and CRN, Check Stop Payment, Scheme Transfer, and Locker services from here.

Sigdel Khadka says that the main objective of this is to reduce the rush of customers coming to the bank. Of NIC Asia’s 2.7 million customers, the number of active customers is large.

He said that a platform has been provided at home to avail the services of these active customers.

Teller Services

Teller service is a cash deposit and cash withdrawal service. No matter how many digital transactions banks are doing now, they have to go to the bank to withdraw and deposit money. However, NIC Asia has come up with some additional features on how to make it easier.

“We thought about how to make it easier,” says Khadka.

How can this be removed? The bank has also come up with a solution for this by creating an environment where people can return directly by depositing money directly to the teller service.

There are two options within the teller service. Check Deposit Request and Cash Deposit Request. This allows you to fill out a voucher at home. The code comes after the voucher is filled. The customer goes to the bank with the code and can deposit the money directly by giving the code. The bank has also taken the policy of giving priority to the customers who come to the bank with the code.

It was not possible to fill the voucher in this way to withdraw money. For this, the bank has already introduced Smart Teller three years ago. You can scan the QR code from the mobile in Smart Teller and take the cache from there.

Card services

Another service within the iceberg is the card service. Various card-related work can be done from here. There are 6 different options for getting card-related services.

For example, requesting a new Debit card, e-commerce registration, Debit card can be blocked. Also, everything can be done for a Debit card change and a prepaid dollar card. Cards can be ordered from here and taken from the nearest branch. Its fee is also deducted from your bank.


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