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5th September 2022, Kathmandu

NIC Asia announces free internal remittances through mobile banking for the festive season

NIC Asia Bank has announced a plan to send free internal remittances for two months through the mobile banking app on the occasion of Dashain, Diwali, Nepal Sambat, and Chhath festivals.

In this new scheme introduced by the bank to be implemented from 15th Bhadra to 15th October 2079, the bank’s customers can use NIC Asia MoBank to send money from one place to another for free.

According to the concept of self-help banking, internal remittances can be sent all over the country through NIC Asia Mobank, the bank’s customers can easily send money to their family, relatives, or friends and take full advantage of the scheme.

Under this scheme, customers can easily send remit money from any place, at any time. For this, customers can tap on the iRemit icon in NIC Asia Mobank on their mobile phones, enter the remittance amount they want to send, mention the recipient’s details (name, mobile number, and address) and choose the purpose of sending the remittance, the bank said.

According to the bank, a maximum amount of Rs. 25,000 can be sent daily. According to the bank, the money sent through this means can be easily withdrawn from all branches and extended counters of this bank across the country, as well as more than 12 thousand remittance agents.

The bank believes that today’s need for digital transactions will be helped by this scheme, which will save the customers from the hassle of going to the bank branch and sending the remittance in physical form.


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