Nokia is making virtual reality camera for movie Industry:

Nokia is in the process of developing a 3D audio and video capturing device . The Ozo features eight camera lenses and eight microphones on a spherical shaped body, from which a handle protrudes.
The advantage of this camera is that the footage captured and can be watched in real time via a VR headset.
Nokia has been making high-end cameras in mobile sets that have exceptional image quality before other manufacturers. Ozo was unveiled at an event in Los Angeles, targeting Hollywood and other media professions rather than the general consumer.
The device was supposed to be on sale this year, but due to some technical difficulties, the company couldn’t do so.
Nokia follows Go Pro, Jaunt, in announcing virtual reality recording devices that are meant for “prosumers.”

Ozo can provide life not only monitoring footage but also playback material at a low resolution within minutes of being shot.
A tech. A journalist who was given a preview of a prototype suggests the footage to be somewhat ‘blurry and out of focus’ but praises the kit’s audio rendering capabilities.
Nokia also revealed that Jaunt would support this device, despite the Californian company offering a rival product of it’s own called Neo.

The makers of Ozo believe that there is a market for VR cameras and some are used in professional film and T.V. production.
So, there is room for growth, and it’s logical for Nokia to dabble in this sector.