NTA ensures to find lost mobile within a week, how? Read inside

Here is the good news for everyone who is always scared of losing their mobile phone. From now onwards you don’t need to worry if your mobile is missing or lost. NTA guarantees to find your missing mobile within a week, for that you just need to register IMEI number of your mobile via online.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has started registering IMEI number of mobile through online. Similarly, they had also started working on finding out lost mobile phones.

Authority has begun the online service of registering IMEI number of mobile phones and finding out lost mobiles from last Falgun.

“For the convenience of the public, authority has started online service. Earlier this service used to take place on papers”, said Min Prasad Aryal Spokesperson of NTA.

Aryal also informed if the lost mobile is inside the country it will be exposed within a week. After receiving the application of lost mobile it will coordinate with Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Nepal police and other service providers in order to find out missing mobile. IMEI number is mandatory in order to figure out the lost mobile.

The registration charge of IMEI number is free. Till now 30 sellers and 210 individuals have registered their IMEI number. The IMEI number of lost mobile can be registered in eir.nta.gov.np. From last Baisakh to Ashad 87 people had registered the IMEI number of lost mobile.

Numbers of people lost their mobile phones every day, many of the mobiles phones get stolen. The insecurity towards mobile phone is growing day by day. Let’s hope this step made by NTA will have the positive impact in such kind of cases.


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