NTA To Regulate Content Providers

13 March 2021, Kathmandu

NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) made arrangements for the use of certain band frequencies. There will be no need for permission for the use of certain band frequencies for domestic purposes.

The regulatory Nepal Telecommunications Authority has begun plans for the use of certain frequencies that can be used within a restricted area without the permission of the service provider.

NTA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal told the NTA that it had recommended the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee for unlicensed frequencies needed for the growth and expansion of the telecommunications network.

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“The NTA recommended that the committee identify the bands that could be used without permission,” he said. After approval by the committee, the approval of the NTA would not be compulsory to use such frequencies.

NTA immediately suggested that the frequency of the 5.1 GHz band be unlicensed. Aryal has advised that this band is particularly useful for improving the quality of WiFi used at home.

This frequency would also help to unblock the communication inside the home. In addition, certain high-level frequencies can also be used to arrange white TV space in rural areas.

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