Nepal Telecommunications Authority Kamaladi Kathmandu

4th June 2019, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has rejected the rural project, on which it had been working to improve the telecom service, facility development, and expansion in the rural areas.

The authority has decided to dismiss the rural telecommunication development fund for the Rural project and plans to work through the branches.

The Board of Telecom Authority has decided to undertake all the works of the rural project that are currently in operation with the fund, and now these works will take place through the branch. The Authority has rejected the plan due to lack of satisfaction in the current rural project, and the vacant seats for the coordinator and co-coordinator of the project has resulted in unmanaged activities of facilitating the project with no alternative arrangements, and the limited physical advancement of various projects has resulted in the authorities decision of terminating the project plans.

The Director and spokesperson of the Authority, Min Prasad Aryal, informed that all the works will now be carried out along with the work of the extensions of existing optical fiber which will be conducted along with other project works through the branches.

Aryal added, “Earlier, there was a separate mechanism for the project management, but now the projects will be carried out as a branch work.” According to him, the board has decided with the thought that the branch can be operated faster and more effectively than separate projects.

Authority has got the need to conduct the project works through the branch and hopefully speed up the significant projects that have national importance. For this, the authority board has decided that the development works will be implemented on a scheduled basis, and the report of each term must be submitted to the authority in every three months. This method might prove more effective since the development route can be tracked, and hence quicker and sustainable telecommunication development in rural areas of Nepal can be ensured.


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