Loan in Nepal Telecom

20th September 2020, Kathmandu

Considering the customers’ convenience, both NTC and Ncell have started Credit/Loan or Saapati services. This has helped many customers in time of emergency when the balance suddenly becomes low. In this article we will discuss how we can get loan in NTC and Ncell.

For what can you use the loan amount?

  • Voice Calls
  • SMS
  • Data

Now, let’s jump into the Credit services and their features given by two of the biggest telecommunication giants in Nepal: Ncell and NTC !

NTC Loan/Credit Service:

What are the features of NTC Credit Service?

  • It is only available to prepaid users who have used the SIM card for 3 and more months.
  • NTC reduces the loan amount in next recharge/top-up
  • The loan amount ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 20.

SMS short code of Namaste Credit: 1477

How to take the loan?

Type Start and send an SMS to 1477.

How to check status?

Type Status and send an SMS to 1477

How to stop the service?

Type Stop and send an SMS to 1477

How much loan will you get?

Your loan amount will range from Rs.5 to Rs. 20.

The best thing is NTC won’t charge you extra service charge. The service is absolutely free !!! NTC will reduce your loan amount in the next recharge.

Ncell Loan/Credit Service:

What are the features of Ncell Saapati:

  • Only prepaid customers are eligible
  • They must have used the SIM for 2 or more months
  • You can take loan only when your balance is Rs. 5 or less
  • Ncell reduces the credit amount in next recharge

Shortcode for Saapati/Loan: *9988#

How can you get the loan?

Dial the shortcode from your phone. You will receive a notification that saapati has been activated.

How much amount will you get as a loan?

You will get Rs. 40 as saapati/loan. Ncell deduces this loan amount when you recharge your SIM next time along with the service charge of Rs.2.

Similarly, if you recharge an amount less than Rs. 40, Ncell will deduct your entire balance and remaining credit amount will be deducted in the next recharge.

What if you don’t pay your loan amount?

  • If you don’t pay back the loan amount, you won’t be able to take any saapati in future. You will, however, receive the incoming calls.

We hope the article was helpful to you.

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