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7th October 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom has recently introduced FTTH (Fiber to the home) wireless internet service with the slogan of ‘Enjoy Everything From Single Fiber’! With this introduction, Nepal Telecom is thriving in the race of providing fiber-based internet service in the country. Previously, it provided ADSL service only. In this article, we will discuss NTC FTTH Price and Packages.

Let’s talk about the various types of plans and packages NTC has introduced in the article below.

Individual Package

  1. Data Only Offer
  2. Data + Voice Offer


  1. Data Only Offer:
Validity 8Mbps

(Data Only)

10 Mbps

(Data Only)   


(Data Only)



1 Month NRs. 800 NRs. 900 NRs. 1200 NRs. 1800
3 Months NRs. 2300 NRs. 2600 NRs. 3400 NRs. 5050
12 Months NRs. 8000 NRs. 10000 NRs. 12500 NRs. 19000


  1. Data + Voice Combo Offer:
Validity Free Voice 15 Mbps         25Mbps 60Mbps
1 Month 250 min(NT to NT) NRs. 1000 NRs. 1500 NRs. 2000
3 Months 750 min(NT to NT) NRs. 2850 NRs. 4200 NRs. 5500
12 Months 3000 min(NT to NT) NRs. 10500 NRs. 15500 NRs. 20500



  • All Packages are Renewable Packages except the “Migration-VAS-default-8 Mbps” which comes after ADSL to FTTH shifting.
  • Voice Resource on Combo Pack: 250Min on Monthly, 750 Min on 3 Months, 3000Min on Yearly Pack

Corporate Package:

Validity 10Mbps 20 Mbps        
1 Month NRs. 10300 NRs. 19500
3 Months NRs. 18400 NRs. 36800
12 Months NRs. 34500 NRs. 69000


CPE(Fiber Router) Cost:

Validity Cost
For New Customer Choosing Package Validity of One Year FREE
For New Customer Choosing Package Validity of 1 & 3 Months NRs.2500
For Existing Customer, PSTN / ADSL to FTTH shifting(migration): FREE

Note: All the prices mentioned are exclusive of taxes!

How to subscribe to NTC FTTH internet plans above?

  • Firstly, you need to find out if the service is available in your locality by contacting the nearest NT office.
  • If the answer is yes, you have to fill the service registration form for the FTTH service. You can download the required form from here.
  • Finally, select the packages based on your need which is mentioned above. After that submit the form.
  • On some days, the staff from the NTC office will set up the service.
  • Enjoy the service!

Meanwhile, for support and complaints regarding FTTH, the following numbers could come in handy!

  • Service Enquiry: 4244080
  • Complaints: Dial 198 and select option 4.

If you have any queries let us know in the comments and we will try to address in the next article.

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