Offline Digital Payment System Nepal

15th March 2021, Kathmandu

Offline Payment With Namaste Pay. Namaste Pay has been launched with the first offline transaction feature available in Nepal.

Nepal Digital Payment Company (NDPC) was working on the “Namaste Pay” mobile money offline transaction for a very long. The Namaste Pay app along with its services was supposed to be in implementation with the Nagarik App at the event of National ICT Day in the month of Jestha 2078 but it was delayed due to technical issues that occurred on the app.

Namaste Pay received approval for mobile money from Nepal Rastra Bank in the month of March. So the Nepal Telecom and Rastriya Banijya Bank-funded to bring the combined company, Nepal Digital Payment Company to ease and urbanize digital payment systems all over the nation.

Today, On September 14, 2021, Namaste Pay has finally been launched in the Nepali market by the collaboration of two government organizations. This digital payment app has become the first offline transaction mobile wallet with the biggest paid-up capital of 400 million. It is based on mobile balance as it uses the user’s mobile number where the separate account will be maintained for each number. The service will be exclusive of Telecommunication Service Charge (TSC) and any other tax.

Namaste Pay is the first mobile wallet that doesn’t require the internet to do any kind of transaction i.e, it is an offline mobile wallet.

Even the feature phones (non-smartphones) can also make offline transactions with the help of Namaste Pay that only requires an NTC sim card. The transaction system uses the same mobile number as a digital wallet which only requires a mobile balance to pay bills like electricity bills, water bills, fund transfer, fund requests, recharge, and many more.

How does the Payment work?

Namaste Pay uses the USSD which is said to be the fastest response channel. A code will be sent by the company which users could use to transfer funds. When the USSD code would be confirmed, the service recipients can make offline transactions.  It will also help non-smartphone users to access such payments in an easy way.

Likewise, for The users who want to use the service online, the Mobile Wallet app is available for them. All mobile numbers in Nepal can do the payment from Namastepay using both online and offline services.

How to activate Namaste Pay In Mobile?

There are simple steps to follow for the activation of a Mobile wallet. Please follow the given instructions :

* Dail *500# on num keypad ( It will ask users to enter 1 for more details)

* Press 1 ( By pressing 1, users are directed to the likely port of providing self details)

* Enter your full details as asked ( first name, last name, DOB, Gender, ID type, and ID number) Correctly!

*A Pin code will be sent to the mobile number which will be needed to activate the system.

On the other hand, You can also activate the payment service through the App by registering the full details of yourself in the app as required.

Now, you can enjoy the offline payment service wherever and whenever you want with NamastePay.

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