Teaching Hospital Kathmandu
Teaching Hospital Kathmandu

23 January 2021, Kathmandu

OPD and paying tickets are now available from the mobile at the teaching hospital

An arrangement has been made for the patients coming to the TRI Teaching Hospital (Teaching) for health treatment to get tickets from mobile and online.

Ram Bikram Adhikari, the spokesperson of the hospital, said that the hospital has started offering tickets. Through the mobile app and online system for the convenience of the patients.

According to him, this service has been started as a trial in November. After some time of testing, the hospital has started the service regularly.

In order to buy tickets through mobile. Patients and their relatives have to download the app called ‘Teaching Hospital’ of TRI Teaching Hospital on their mobile. You can get information about how to buy a ticket by opening the app and clicking on ‘Eating’.

To buy a ticket online. You have to click on the online ticket and click on the department or the symptoms of the disease. After clicking on the problems you see, you can choose OPD or payment service.

In General OPD, the unit has to be selected according to the doctor or date by choosing the type of service.

The patient then has to go to the calendar. And click on the date to fill in his personal data form and choose the payment medium to confirm the details.

The online system will verify the details given by the person. And show the details in PDF along with the confirmation of booking the ticket.

If possible. They can print the PDF file themselves and if not, bring it to the OPD. And give it to the doctor or show it to the staff at the OPD.

In this way, the patients who have bought tickets online do not have to go to the hospital and buy tokens for tickets.

The hospital has arranged for OPD services to be provided by one person. At the same hospital as another online ticket holder.

According to the spokesperson of the hospital, those who want to buy tickets online can pay through E-Sewa, Prabhu Pay, IME, and Khalti app.

There is an arrangement to pay Rs 60 for new patients. And Rs 30 for old patients for general tickets at the hospital. While those who want to get services from the paying clinic have to pay Rs 400 online.

A spokesperson for the hospital said that the number of people buying tickets through the app is low as many people are not aware of the issue even though tickets are provided through the mobile app.

“Even though online ticketing has been arranged. It has not been as effective as many people think because they do not know about it.” The spokesman said.

In addition, patients from remote areas seem to come to the hospital. To buy tickets even though they have no knowledge of technology. We have found that only 7 or 8 people are buying tickets online daily.

Spokesperson Adhikari is confident that the effectiveness of online ticketing will increase as information about it grows.

Token distribution starts at 6 am to buy tickets at the hospital. The patient who buys the ticket at the hospital has to wait for the token.

According to the pressure of the patient and after getting the token according to the token number. He has to go for OPD service.

However, patients who buy tickets through the mobile app will be able to come to the hospital directly for opioid services when their turn comes.

“It is easier to come to the hospital at 6 o’clock and get a token. And wait for the ticket opening time than to buy a ticket online and come directly to the OPD.” Said a spokesperson. That is why the online system is so effective.

More than a thousand people are receiving OPD services at the hospital daily.


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