Online Payment Service increasing in Nepal

 September 29, 2019, Kathmandu

Online Electricity Bill Payment Service of Nepal was started from 5th of Bhadra 2074 from sixteen collections center. Currently, only nine thousand customers pay bills online from the Ratna Park Distribution Center monthly.

However, Chitwan started online billing only after Kathmandu started using the systems. But Chitwan currently has a higher number of user percentage through online billing. It was found that twenty thousand customers pay bills online from Chitwan monthly. Statistics say that the people of Chitwan are way more forward then the people of Kathmandu.

Sujal Shrestha, head of the Authority’s billing division, said, “Itahari have the highest customers to pay the bill through online after Chitwan” Itahari has seventeen thousand, Pokhara sixteen thousand and Ratnapark nine thousand customers.

After e-services, Pay Post Nepal has paid Rs 29 crore and Prabhu Bank Rs 7 crore online.

The Mahalaxmi Development Bank, CFS Remit, City Express Money Transfer, Himalayan Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, and Nepal Clearing House Limited have also been appointed for the online bill payment of the authority.

 Last month, the number of online bill-payers reached six lakhs and ten thousand. Many of them have been paying bills regularly online for two years. Newly added customers have the experience of coming up with regular online payments.

Now, the authority has also set up additional counters for the collection of tariffs in Manang and Mustang. If the counters opened last year, there will be 189 revenue collection counters across the country. Even though all the counters are trying to make the online bill payment service free of charge, the educated customers of Kathmandu have come online so far.

Though the people have been skeptical to pay the bill online. They worry about whether the authorities will impose fines. So they spend two hundred rupees to pay hundred rupees bills.

There is also the provision of the customer to know the next day whether the payment was received by the authority, said Shrestha, chief of the billing department. After making the payment online, you can check whether the payment has been reached by the authority’s account or by visiting the authority’s website.


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