Online System to Submit Tax

18th July 2020, Kathmandu

The government has launched an online system to submit tax and income details simultaneously through banks from Shrawan 1 (July 17).

Small taxpayers had to spend more time and money than their revenue to submit tax and income details. Finally, the government has ended the situation with the launch of this system.

Finance Minister Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada inaugurated the system virtually from the Ministry of Finance. In fact, it took place at a program organized at the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on Thursday.

Furthermore, there’s an arrangement for small entrepreneurs to get the tax payment certificate immediately after submitting the tax and income details through the bank.

Beneficial for Small Taxpayers

Director of the department, Maharaj Koirala, informed that small taxpayers can now get the tax payment certificate within 10 minutes.

Earlier, all taxpayers had to go to the IRD office or Taxpayer Service Office to submit their income statement.

Point 333 of the budget of the current fiscal year states that the government will make arrangements for small taxpayers with business up to Rs. 2 million.

Concerned employees of the bank can log in to the Revenue Management Information System. All they need are username, password, and financial year.

The D01 form is available from the D01 Voucher Form menu. After the taxpayer or his/her representative submits the D01 form, only should the tax be collected.

In the D01 form, the taxpayer must mention their permanent account number, income year, transaction amount, and amount to be deducted. The system will automatically show the name, address of the form, and date of registration.

Similarly, it also displays the Internal Revenue office or Taxpayer Service Office, and Bank Branch after entering the permanent account number of the taxpayer.

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