Online Tax Payment Bharatpur

28th June 2022, Kathmandu

Online payment systems and digital charter services have been implemented in Chitwan’s Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

The services were launched on Tuesday by Metropolitan Mayor Renu Dahal during a ceremony.

With the implementation of an online payment system, all forms of taxes paid in the city, such as property tax, map pass, revenue tax, and restoration tax, may now be paid from home.

“In preparation for digital technology, the service has been implemented in every ward,” Dahal stated. “We’re working to turn it into a digital metropolitan.”

She stated that in the first phase, this method is used to give paperless service from the metropolitan. She stated that the metropolitan work has advanced under the smart city idea.

Metropolitan Deputy Chief Chitrasen Adhikari asked everyone to use the internet portal to access the service. “Corruption will be decreased with the establishment of an online system,” he stated.

He stated that the services are easily accessible to the public.

Rambandhu Subedi, the corporation’s chief administrative officer, stated that work on managing the registration has begun using a scientific method.


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