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28th May 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Merchant Bank Nepal is a commercial bank in Nepal. The headquarter is located in Kathmandu. The bank is licensed by the central bank of Nepal, the Nepal Rastra Bank. NMB Bank has 63 branches across the nation which provide retail and commercial banking services. The bank was founded in May 2008.

Nepal Merchant Banking and Financial limited has received the prestigious award “BANK OF THE YEAR” for the third time in four years.

The main aim for opening accounts in banks are bank offer convenience, and they are safe for saving our money. Due to the current scenario created by the Covid-19 epidemic government and provinces have announced lockdowns and prohibitory nationwide. There is a fear of going out. Most of the sectors have gone online.

Technology has made us so easy and convenient. Now, you need not worry about lockdowns and prohibitory for opening an account in a bank. NMB  Bank has bought the facility of creating a bank account with the help of Facebook chat.

People from small ages to old ages use Facebook these days. So, yes, it is a Facebook chat, only making some conversation in Facebook chat with representatives from NMB Bank, you can create your bank account just in five minutes.

For opening the bank account in NMB bank, the instructions are given below:

1.Click on this link:

  1. You can type “Hello” and send. You can also click “Get Started.”
  2. They will ask you, “Do You have a saving account with NMB Bank?” with the following options.


    No – Open Account

    Open FD

     Explore More

  1. If you didn’t respond to chat fast, they would say, “We did not get any response from you, Please type ‘Hello’ or click on ‘Main Menu’ button to move to the main menu.”
  2. Type Hello
  3. Then for the above question, select “No- open account.”
  4. You will get messages like, “To complete this process you will be requiring your national ID for NID number, your other ID like passport, voter ID or driving license for address proof, kindly keep them handy, once ready press Yes.”

8.After pressing “Yes,” you will be prompted to enter your first name.

  1. Also, enter your last name.
  2. Then the bank will reply, “Please share your Nepali personal mobile number, we will send you important notifications related to your account on this number.”
  3. You will get “Please share your personal email ID, we will send you important notifications related to your account on this ID.” then.
  4. Then, Please provide your nation ID number; ensure you enter the full number as provided on the national ID, e.g., 023-123-1234.
  5. After that, Please enter your date of birth as printed on your national ID and other identity proof documents like passport, voter id, or driving license, e.g., yyyy-mm-dd.
  6. Enter your grandfather’s name.
  7. After that, Please enter your full address as printed on your address proof documents like NID, Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License; we will require this id for verification.
  8. Now, take or upload a selfie, ensure your full face is captured; the photo should be clear and sharp; please avoid clicking any objects in the background.
  9. After sending a photo, Please take or upload a photo of the front side of your ID and upload; the same ID will be used to verify the details provided by you earlier.
  10. Remember, if you make some delay, you will be taken to the initial step.
  11. Then, “Please take or upload a photo of the back side of your ID and upload, the same ID will be used for verification of the details provided by you earlier.”
  12. Click on “I agree to the terms and conditions of NMB Bank Limited Nepal, I undertake that all the information and proofs provided by me are correct.”
  13. You will get the message, “We have sent the OTP to your mobile number xxxxxx****. Please enter OTP

Now you need to wait for some time. They are processing your request.

Now, your bank account is ready.

You will get the message:

Welcome to NMB Bank; your savings account no. is 001012455160****. After that, you will receive a verification call from NMB bank within the next 24 Hrs. on business days. Once the verification is done, your account will be activated. For support, you can also call us at 166-001-252-52, 01-4246160 or email us at; please note that no one from NMB Bank will ever call you to ask for your PIN, Password, Balance, Account Details, etc.


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