OPPO A54 Price

15th April 2021, Kathmandu

OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, announced the launch of OPPO A54 in Nepal.

Today’s generation is on the search for a phone that meets their expectations for a phone that can keep up with them, but also hit all the right notes with a beautiful design and high-end performance. A54 keeps up with you all day on a large battery and Fast Charging, but also enables you to do more or enjoy your daily dose of entertainment with an Octa-Core Processor. Ultra-large memory capacity of 128GB ROM, on a large 6.51-inch  Punch-Hole Display.

OPPO A54 Specifications

A Series is designed for making technology more fun. But more importantly, technology for these users is about enjoying its benefits, which enable them to live a socially active lifestyle. They’re open to embracing the latest technology, yet practical, so they don’t need all the bells and whistles. A54 offers a great mix of stylish and contemporary design, that empowers the users to truly enjoy their lives, without hassle.

“A Series is designed to enhance or complement our users’ lifestyles and OPPO A54 achieves just this with a phone that manages to balance a high-end performance with contemporary design. Its large 5000mAh battery and 18W Fast Charge make sure you’re fully powered to get you through your day. With A54, you’ll also have enough storage and memory to make sure that you’ll enjoy your entertainment without the frustrations of an underperforming smartphone,” said Mr. Bobby Zhao, CEO, OPPO Nepal.

Battery & Charging

To keep you worry-free throughout your day, A54 notably features a long-lasting battery life with 5000mAh of capacity. This will last you up to 2.2 days on a single charge, or give you 19.9 hours of YouTube video playback. You can even message friends and family on WhatsApp for 23 hours. A54 has also embedded safety features to charge your phone with peace of mind up to 800 times. A54 offers battery overcharge and over-discharge protections; short circuit and overcurrent protection; and a series of charging protection designs to protect users’ charging safety. After a full two days, when you finally need to charge your phone, A54’s 18W Fast Charge gets you right back on your feet to fully charge your phone in only 2 hours and 23 minutes. If you’re looking for a quick charge, ten minutes will get you as much as a 13% charge, so you won’t miss out on important tasks.

If for one reason or another, you’re nearly out of battery but without an outlet in sight, Super Power Saving Mode is a lifesaver. Triggering power-saving strategies, A54 will get you as much as 85 minutes of chatting on WhatsApp and 91 minutes of phone calls even on only 5% of battery life. Or even at night, if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone, A54’s Super Nighttime Standby conserves your battery life while you’re asleep so the next morning it’s only reduced by as little as 1.79%.

We’ve also simplified how you charge your phone and make it safer, without confusion. A54 now charges using a Type-C Connector that plugs into your phone from either end. More importantly, it offers a short circuit protector that detects and stops a charge when it recognizes a rise in temperature or even water in the connector. For an added degree of safety, Optimized Night Charging intelligently charges A54 by charging it to 80%, before later resuming it to fully charge the phone before you wake up. And to ensure optimal comfort in your hand, Smart Temperature Control uses sensors to detect and lower the temperature of the rear cover of the phone, to reduce the risks of overheating.

ROM & Display

Whether you’re squeezing in a mobile game or taking a breather with a video, A54 is right there with you to make those moments in your life count. With an ultra-large memory capacity of up to 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM, A54 won’t be a cause for the interruption. In fact, you can even expand your storage capacity to 256GB with a Micro SD card. And if that wasn’t all, A54 runs on a Mediatek Helio P35 (MT6765) Octa-Core Processor. HyperBoost improves the performance and smoothness of select apps or games by reallocating system resources, depending on how you use your phone. With HyperBoost, you’ll experience less lag and can multitask more. You’ll also always stay connected with Dual Channel Acceleration support, enabling A54 to swap between a mobile network or Wi-Fi seamlessly and without interruption whether playing a mobile game or streaming a video and also enjoy how A54’s Improved Speaker is noticeably louder. Despite the speed, your phone always stays cool as A54’s Optimal Heat Dissipation uses up to 5 temperature sensors and a large graphite sheet, strategically placed throughout the phone.

The phone’s performance comes together and can be seen when you turn on A54 and enjoy its HD+ Screen, powered by an LCD display. Not only does A54 offer a flicker-free user experience at low brightness that reduces eye fatigue, but with a Single Punch-Hole Display, the screen is large with an 89.2% screen-to-body ratio and a small aperture. There’s even a small bonus, as the ring around the Front Camera lights up for dazzling selfies. As smartphones are designed to be mobile, the screen’s visibility is essential whether indoors or outdoors. This is where Sunlight Screen and Moonlight Screen enter the picture. Ensuring All-Weather Eye Comfort, Sunlight Screen makes sure that your screen is readable even under sunlight as the brightness is increased by 14.5% and up to 550 nits. Moonlight Screen ensures your eyes remain comfortable even in a dark environment as the screen automatically dims to as little as 2 nits. A54 even goes as far as to customize your screen’s brightness settings automatically for you with AI Smart Backlighting, by learning from your day-to-day brightness preferences. So if you’re reading an eBook at night, right before you sleep, A54 instantly adjusts the brightness for extra comfort. All the while, A54 emits less blue light, reducing eye strain for maximum Eye Comfort.

Design & Selfie

A54’s attention to design and great usability is evident in both its exquisite appearance and how it helps you to capture great-looking shots. This starts with the Material of the Rear Cover, which uses metallic material for its 3D panel, but contributes to a stronger and less bendable structure but also a comfortable in-hand feel. As a result, A54 weighs about 192g and is 8.4mm thin. To align the overall look and feel of the phone, close attention is paid to the Middle Frame Process. Through this, 3D arcs are cut out on the sides as the depth of the middle frame has been thinned by 0.2mm, making it easier to grip. Three layers of imitation electroplating silver are even sprayed on in a gradient-like texture to not only enhance the metallic appearance but also add vibration and wear resistance to the frame and blend seamlessly with A54’s smooth Rear Cover Colors and Processes. In fact, A54 users have two unique colors to select from. Crystal Black is a spin on a traditional black color but with depth and transparency mixed into the texture through a precision pattern transfer process, conveys an overall sense of eternity and a premium design. Starry Blue is a more fashionable color that suits mainstream color preferences as you’ll discover psychedelic flashes and tones when its dazzling blue color is viewed at different angles. The color offers a vivid visual impact and resembles the rainbow colors reflected in the Milky Way.

While the colors contribute to its premium appearance, you’ll notice that the smartphone has been streamlined, deliberately designed to conveniently unlock your phone with Face Recognition and Side Fingerprint Unlock technology for a higher-end yet more complete look and feel. But the Camera Layout says it all. Three cameras are laid out in a simple yet premium matrix layout often found on high-end phones. The lens uses a superposition process through etching and screen printing, while the decorative color uses metal oxide colors that harmoniously blend into the overall colors of the phone. The Rear Cameras themselves feature a 13MP Main Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera for close-range shots, and 2MP Bokeh for brilliant bokeh shots that blur the background and highlight the subject of the photo. In A Series fashion, OPPO doesn’t just leave it to its hardware to capture beautiful shots. To enhance your photography experience, A54 enables you to take photos even against a bright light but retains the details of the photo with Backlight HDR. Or A54 enhances shots in all environments with Dazzle Color, balancing the saturation and brightness. In fact, AI Scene Recognition is able to intelligently recognize up to 23 different scenarios including green plants, fireworks, birds, sunrise, and sunset.

A54 comes with a suite of other photograph features including Ultra Night Mode, to brighten up details in a nighttime shot; 15 Filters in the front and rear camera; ability to capture Macro photos from a distance of 4cm; and 180° Panorama photos.

What stands out about A54 however is the 16MP front camera that makes selfies clearer than ever so you can capture each and every memory of yourself throughout the years. For effect, the Bokeh in the Front Camera can capture not just bokeh pictures but with beautification and filter effects as well. AI Beautification for instance will individually beautify the subjects in the shot, even in a group, by adjusting and smoothing skin tones to ensure everyone looks their best. AI Beautification can enhance and personalize their appearance based on their age and gender.

A54 also supports filming videos including SLO-MO at 720P at 90FPS with the rear camera, and up to 10 video Filters including Original, Gentle, Noon, Subtle and more.

Finger-tip Convenience & Premium Quality

A54, from the design to safety features, is about offering you as a user exactly what you want with this A-Series phone – a high quality, yet well-balanced smartphone that brings you convenience at your fingertips. With this in mind, ColorOS 7.2 on A54 introduces Black Screen Mode. You can switch this feature on, which turns your screen black as you’re playing a video to not only conserve your battery life but enable you to conveniently use online video apps to stream music. Or you can keep a mobile game running in the background, without draining your battery. One other convenient feature coming to ColorOS 7.2 is Photo Translator, which translates text on photos into the language that users are familiar with.

To boost the premium quality, we’ve made A54 achieve the industry standard of IPX4 Waterproof under the laboratory setting condition. But this is just one of the Other Precision Quality Tests that ensures you’ll get 5 layers of protection. To achieve this, A54 has undergone various strict tests including radiation, climate, slight drop, and signal, etc. It even passed more than 50 production process controls, more than 130 ultra-rigorous reliability tests, and more than 320 experimental tests to ensure users that they’re receiving a reliable product with consistently remarkable quality.

Market Availability

OPPO A54 is available starting today in Nepal and will come in two colors including Crystal Black and Starry Blue. OPPO A54 will launch with  4GB RAM + 128GB ROM for Rs. 25,990/-


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