Optical Fibers In Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City

Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has started to install Optical fiber within the Dhangadhi state. The mayor of the sub-metropolitan city, Nirpa Bahadur Odd inaugurated the ceremony to launch the installation of Optical fiber formally. The mayor stated that the use of optical fiber is aimed to provide better E-governance service and to make the governmental works transparent.

For any state to be tagged as “Smart City,” the use of Information and Technology is a must. Nirpa Bahadur Odd added that they plan to make the services provided by Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan to be paperless.

Software Engineer, Hari Prasad Bhatta mentioned that they plan to lay out the fiber in all 19 wards of the city within the month of Falgun. He further suggested that the work is solely being governed by the sub-metropolitan and technical support is provided by New IT Venture Limited.

The estimated cost to install optical fibers in all 19 wards of the city is 65 Lakhs. The government of Dhangadhi plans to install the fibers at all ward offices, health centers and veterinaries of the state. Similarly, the service will be provided at all the governmental schools. Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has even started its own, “HamroDhangadhi” app that helps the monitoring and recording of the task being done and also allows the users to rate and give suggestions about the work of the government.


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