CAN InfoTech Pokhara 2019 To Kick-Off From 4th March

Vianet Can infotech 2019 in association with IME Pay

CAN Info-tech 2019, Pokhara, which is also the 10th edition of the event at Pokhara host a robot competition. The event manager, Suresh Sapkota mentioned that Engineering Students from Paschimanchal Engineering Campus would take part in the display and race of robots during CAN Info-tech.

The students are members of “Robotics Club IOE, Paschimanchal Campus” who have designed line tracking robots and compete against one another. He said that this event will comprise of a line tracking robot to google self-driving car and will be a high learning curve for everyone.

Many countries use motorized vehicles (self-driving cars), and many hotels have started using robots as waiters. This directly means that they are entering a new age of robots. The field of robotics itself is so vast.

Sapkota says, “The main aim of such events is to develop practical knowledge in the field of robotics with the help of the existing theoretical education system through competitions.”



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