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7th May 2021, Kathmandu

The second wave of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) worldwide pandemic is devasting and has created a most dangerous scenario. The cases are increasing rapidly day by day. Several provinces and districts have announced the lockdown and closure for the prevention of the diseases. Hospitals are packed and even there is a shortage of beds in hospitals. So people are compelled to stay isolated in their own house.

Considering the present situation, e-Commerce company ‘OrderNow’ has announced free food supplies for people living in Covid infected and isolated. While few e-commerce companies are providing delivery services due to the ban, Order Now has continued to supply food to all types of infected and regular consumers.

Manoj Panthi, Founder CEO of Order Now, said that Order Now is supplying vegetables, fruits, and immunity boosters to the infected Covids living in isolation with full caution and safety.

He said that after all the companies started canceling the requests for isolation and infection, they were carefully fulfilling their orders using electronic payments.

“There is no cure for those who are infected with Covid. In this case, the only way to increase immunity against the disease is to eat healthy and organic food, ‘says Panthi.

For this, the doctors have provided advice and training to the delivery staff, and all the staff assigned for delivery are in isolation. He said that he also maintained a certain distance when he went to supply goods to the customer’s house.

Currently, Order Now is supplying goods in Shantinagar and New Baneshwor areas with the help of scooters and cargo vans in the valley. However, the goods are being supplied only on the second day of the order, he said.

Only about one percent of e-commerce companies are currently operating their delivery services in the Kathmandu Valley after the ban was issued. Meanwhile, the logistics staff of Order Now were also detained by the police for hours on the way, the party said.

This is really a great initiative of ‘Order Now’ for delivering food for free to the Corona infected and the person who is isolated as both isolated and infected patients may not have anyone to cook or bring groceries for them and they themselves can’t go outside as it will put other persons at risk. So, it will really be very helpful for them.


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