Palette Gear, Hands On Control Of Your Favourite Software

Palette is a computer controlled device that can speed the post-processing workflow with everything from video game controllers to MIDI controllers. Palette is complete freedom and 100% customization hardware interface that enables the user to create the exact controller that the user desires and then quickly patch it to work with any software that the user wishes to use.
The user can directly connect the Power  Module to one of the PC’s USB port and start to build the specific interface for any software whether Photoshop, Lighting room or any other programs. The sliders, dials, and buttons can be used to construct the particular editing experience that suits the user and then give functions to them via Palette desktop App. Palette supports the entire Adobe Creative Suite along with essential web apps such as Google Maps and Spottily.
The prices for the matte aluminum versions are as follows: the price levels range from the starter kit (1 power module, 1 slider, 1 button and 1 dial) for 95 USD, the apprentice kit (1 power module, 1 slider, 2 buttons and 2 dials) for 143 USD and the professional equipment (1 power module, 6 sliders, 4 buttons and 5 dials) for 400 CAD 380 USD. There are also limited edition cherry wood versions that go for more.