CellPay, a new payment service launched with payment directly

August 1, 2019

CellPay, the new payment service provider has started its service in Nepal. CellPay service was launched by Cellcom, a  Private Limited Company that is an authorized payment services provider from Nepal Rastra Bank.

They informed that various payments could be made through mobile and web applications, but it is not a digital wallet.

According to the company, the money is not credited to accounts that you have opened on the web and application. The statement in it is directly linked to the bank, which means a customer can make payments directly through its connection to a bank account.

For this, both the sender and the receiver should have a CellPay account. A bank account must also be authorized to complete the CellPay account. The company has informed that the digital business is confident about security issues related to the services since they’re directly linked to the bank account. The company claims that CellPay service comes with various international level security systems.

After downloading the application, it can only be used on only one mobile. In the case of lost phones, the company says that they can block the account by informing the linked bank.

The CellPay service app is limited to running on only one mobile set at a time. If a user changes their phones, then the new mobile set will have to be logged in with SMS verification.

Likewise, only one SIM card can be registered for a user at a time. If a user changes their SIM card, then the new number must be authenticated for using CellPay with SMS verification.

CellPay will allow for payment of telecommunication services, electricity, drinking water, TV, Internet charges, fee in various shops, restaurants, cinema halls, transfer of money from one bank account to another bank account, and transfer of funds within the country.


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