There are more than 100 million user of pinterest. The online bulley in allow boarder style to pin image based on the interest.

Evan sharp, the co founder of AFP said that most of the user are not visiting pinterest in a month but they are discovering something interesting they are saving and checking through website.

Almost 100 million active user, among them 70% of are engaged . he said

The disclosure from Pinterest, first launch in March 2010 which has discussed by various user.

He said that majority of Pinterest user are women but it is noted that there is greater gap which is closing a little bit everyone month.

According to the pinterest latest figure, it remains behind the Facebook-owned app, that is the photo sharing services which claims 300 million user.

Sharp said that it has two platform with different needs.

He said that Instagram is a social service. It is similar to social network whose pinterest is like a search engine.

Pinterest is taken as a pain which avoids social network. The co-founder and chief executive Ban Sildermann described pinterest as catalog of idea which helps people to discover and try new things. Pinterest announced that 100 million people use the service of each month, with the large volume of users, or pinners, doubling in the last 18 months.

There are number of quaries which is estimated to be more than 1.5 billion per month. According to the company, its strongest growth globally seeing with 45% user outside the US market.

They  mainly focus on growing around the world and outside the US.

The valuation of Pinterest is jumped to $11 billion. I think it has 500 employee in the recently opened office in Paris.