There are several central issues on the international internet with internet governance agenda. This will be the working theme for the next governance forum (IGF). This will be held in Joao pessoa, Brazil.

The international society connecting the next billion issue which relates directly towards our vision. This states that the internet is for everyone which are not talking about free and open internet which serves as human platform for human, economic and social development. There are many tools for strengthening human right.

Especially at IGF, it is not our duty for contributing this debate about our best interest.

When connecting the next billion, everyone understands and connect new user which lower the connectivity cost to create new opportunity access.

This is the combination of public policies, market forces enrich is aimed at increasing the connectivity for organization such as internet society which strive towards the global internet development. This should not be difficult for the next billion.

How to connect all unconnected people?

The four pillars of ISOCs connectivity are given below:

Infrastructure development

Human capacity development

Community development

Influencing public policies

Our program allows us to make difference to connect people. It connects the next billion ourselves.

We must continue our projects with the developing partnership to achieve greater impact. We will be also able to connect billions of user which bring the lesson and experience we have learned to make policy.

It is very important for people to work particularly in government and international organisation. The leader of organisation also involved in development. We learned various lesson from our experiences with the best practices and public policies.

Our contribution, IGF debate in-line with some vision described above. We also add some information regarding  various projects and experiences we gained through our work.