Name: Pixer animation studios

Founder: Edwin Cat mull

Industry:  Entertainment

Sector: public

Country: USA


Have you ever been heard about Pixer which is one of the worlds acclaimed digital studios. It is hardware computer company as the company was sold after a tough divorce. The co-founder of Apple computer bought Pixer from George Lucas in 1980 s. He make a project occupied him after his removable from Apple. The company cost was just $5 million and $5 million added for further investment.

Pixer is a tech-driven effects, machine produced by computer hardware company Pixer sold computer to an assortment of movie studios to expand their effects. This ha the very poor business and their sales rate win was very low in  history and the book were not looking good. In this way, many of the investor builder and sells their share to an optimistic Steve jobs. After that in 1991, Pixer had fired many work force and closed it computer hardware.

After a long time, he met his previous client to foster new business and ended those all scoring $26 million deal with destiny which kept the company float and that deal was about to create three animated movies. One of the movie was about to story which was released in 1995 and that film was commercially hit bringing $300 million for Disney and Pixer. Job saw their potential and expand it rapidly in the public and get financial success. Pixer is one of the largest and leading animation studios that make the average movie studios.

He continued to make highly successful movie such as Brave and WALL-E. Pixer become the example with long term Outlook of its short term trouble. Had Steve job sold the company in 1990 and it had never gone to achieve greatness and the company increased his investment.

Pixer is an example of film studios which shows the major profit potential coming to deliver films. It becomes the largest artistic company of last two decades and its continue to inspire able engage in challenge its growing audience.