The users of smartphone have been continuously increasing these days. The number of users of smartphone is expected to double in some year according to some details. With the world using the smartphone, we wanted to know which smartphones are the worlds top leaders carrying with them. Here are some of the few leaders presented with what phones they use.
Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India
Apple and Samsung
He mostly uses the gadgets from Apple. He had a ipad and macbook when we came to delhi from ahemdabad after the election. He everyday reads news in the ipad. The selfie which was popular during the election is quite popular and it was taken from iphone. This year he is also seen using the samsung galaxy S5 (Gold).
Barack Obama, President of America
According to the Guardian newspaper, American President Obama uses the balckberry phone. The phone is very secure so that no one can track the phone calls. According to the website slash gear in 2009, the mobile phone of American President cost $3300.
Vladmir Putin, President of Russia
Android phone
 Russian President says he never carries any phones. According to him carrying phone is a threat to the security. But according to britain’s telegraph he uses Glonass 945 made by MTS from 2012.
Nawaz Sarif, Prime minister of Pakistan
He uses Blackberry phone according to the Guardian. Sarif is a big fan of Blackberry messenger app and used it to talk to his dearest and nearest ones.
 David cameron, Prime minister of Britian
Britains Prime minister is also a fan of blackberry. he has been warned to not used the phone for security reason. However he kept using it until the time he was made fun of a slefie while talking on the phone.
Royal family of britain
Britain’s royal family like using Apple products. according to the next web, Prince William was seen using an iPhone during last years Olympics. Queen Elizabeth also ordered to buy the ipad.