Prachanda said that the CSIT Students demand will be acknowledged

14th June, Kathmandu Nepal

Handing over a memorandum to former Prime Minister Prachanda stating discrimination in computer authorized post. While the government was rallying about smart governance, students from different universities in Nepal who have received higher education in IT (Information Technology) agitated.

They have been impertinent because the computer organizations’ central organization structure of Nepal’s government was reduced to computer authority and the government has added a computer engineer post.

The agitated students who have acknowledged all the required information on the computer science and Information Technology handed over a memorandum to prior Prime Minister and President  of Nepal Communist Party, Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Students also have requested President Prachanda to take initiatives towards the federal government and Minister of general administration, Mr. Lalbabu Pandit, who didn’t give attention to the students’ demands.

Minister of general administration, Mr. Lalbabu Pandit

As recounted from the report, Prachanda said that the students’ demand will be acknowledged and will be made victorious.

Meanwhile, they also protested the educational qualifications quantified for the Chief Executive Officer of the National Information Technology Center, which was published by Gorkhapatra on June 6th, 2018.

He said, “At the current time, the skilled human resources of IT should be provided with public help for implementation of e-governance and also the demand for reducing penalties and also to address the issues related to the public service commission, as soon as possible. Furthermore, he claimed to the public service commission that confiscating the computer officials who don’t know even how to run the computer is necessary that the ministers who don’t know how to run a computer.”

Poudel also necessitated the removal of discrepancies soon possible after stating that they were widespread discrepancies in the name of information technology. He added,” we have discussed this matter with plenty of our colleagues at public service commission. In this context, afterward even the service was not available, and a working environment is also not available, and we also got to understand various types of conflicts.”

They also hold a grudge against the implementation of arrangements made by the Civil Service Act 2049


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