Primax CANON Service Center, Now Canon Will Repair The Lens In Nepal

Canon camera in Nepal
Canon camera in Nepal

September 25, 2019, Kathmandu

Canon Camera’s only official seller in Nepal, ‘Primax Service Center’ has started repairing lenses (up to Canon EF 200mm “L”) in Nepal. The company also claims that they’ll repair the Canon lenses with world-class standards and high-quality technology.

Primax said it has prepared skilled manpower by providing foreign training to its engineers to be able to provide this service. Likewise, the company says that all the cameras and lenses that come to the service center will be monitored and regulated by Canon Japan via Canon EOS Patrol software and will provide service facilities like Canon Japan.

Although Canon does not have direct ownership across Asia, the company issued a statement that included the Primax Service Center as one of the few service centers to repair FULL DSLR.


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