Former BoK CEO Among 11 Arrested On Banking Offence Charge

Former chief executive officer of Bank of Kathmandu Ajaya Shrestha
Former chief executive officer of Bank of Kathmandu Ajaya Shrestha

September 25, 2019, Kathmandu

Former Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kathmandu Mr. Ajay Shrestha has been arrested by the police. Along with him, the other five persons have been arrested after the Central Bureau of Investigation received a complaint about fake land registration certificated to avail the loan from Bank of Kathmandu.

The issue arises when Surendra Shrestha of Hetauda had used a loan from a bank to secure the land of Jhapa. He confirmed that all the documents submitted to the bank during the loan were fake. The bank tried to auction the property when Surendra stopped paying the loan. Police have arrested Ajay Shrestha along with other former employees with him for investigation.

After confirming that all the documents were fake, the bank had asked for the investigation, saying that they had made the ‘fake’ document.

However, bank management said there was no fault in Ajay’s case. A bank source said, “We have asked the debtor to do the research,” adding that the investigation could take place until the loan is passed. The investigation should not be directly on the management. It looks like a plot to defame”.
Deputy inspector general of Nepal police, Niraj Bahadur Shahi said, “we had received complaints regarding the fraud from almost two months ago”

In 2015, Surendra Shrestha of Jhapa had taken loan worth Rs 500 million for Bank of Kathmandu but later during the investigation, it was found that the loan amount was taken from the fake land registration. After BoK registered a complaint at CIB, the suspects involved in the case has been kept in custody for two months.

 Shahi also said, “CIB is preparing to arrest a few more suspects and the case against the suspect is going to be registered at the district court”


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