Problem in Nagarik App

16th June 2021, Kathmandu

Nagarik App is a mobile application launched by the Government of Nepal to provide government-related services on a single online platform.

It was recently launched under the slogan ‘Support for Communication and Information Technology, Government services Hand in Hand.’

Now, if you find any problems and queries in the Nagarik app, you will pick up the problems from Viber.

The Government has launched Viber Help Desk to solve the problems seen in the app’s operation, which is public now.

Users of the app can send complaints and inquiries by texting (via) the official mobile number of the app 977-1122334455.

The problem can be reported by calling 1101 or 01-5970046. The citizen app, made public as a beta version on January 2, was fully made public on April 4.

The Nagarik  App was launched to digitize all the services provided by the Government of Nepal and provide services from an integrated platform.

Recently, ‘Police Clearance Report’ and the health insurance program have been added to the app. You can open an account with Nepal Bank and Siddhartha Bank by scanning QR from the app.

In the initial stage, the digital identity of the city was established in the app using the details in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Election Commission, and Passport Department.

The Citizen app will include government services in the first phase and semi-government services in the second phase.


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